How to Take Advantage of Google for SEO

How to Take Advantage of Google for SEO

Apr 18, 2017

If you want to use Search Engine Optimization or SEO for your website, you can take advantage of Google. You can plan together with the provider of good SEO services like the seo consultant singapore, for instance, on how to do that. There are several ways that you can do for that matter and here are some of the ways:

– Use Keywords
Google Keywords, Google AdSense equipment on site, allowing you to track keywords and find keyword suggestions. Explore the site and learn how to make use of the site. Find keywords that can help you maximize traffic to your site.

– Use Trends
Google Trends tells you change the search will be a subject to change from time to time. You can use Google Trends to predict the increase or decrease in traffic, as well as to know when to renew or replace the page with the seasons, or change keywords. If you want, you can view and compare the various keywords at a time.

– Add yourself to Google
Google will reward users of Google Plus and entities listed in Google Maps. Take advantage of the award and join into Google, because Google today is the most popular search engine.